Let's improve everything.

You can do better at just about anything if you fully understand it. I help people achieve goals by discovering the models behind the way they work then upgrading them.

I use design thinking and effective communication tools to help people set the right objectives, make realistic plans and come up with practical solutions to problems.


About Liton

I help people solve problems by helping them communicate better and become more creative. This includes coming up with brand stories for businesses and helping people express themselves more confidently and effectively. My work’s about leading people to knowledge and developing their self-awareness so they can be better at doing whatever they want.

Storytelling, learning and design are at the heart of how I work with businesses and their people to make lasting changes.

I grew up in a family business and started my first full-time job at 16. Since then,  I’ve been a PR consultant, journalist, marketing director, graphic designer and a few other things along the way. I managed to all this by being obsessed with learning, so naturally, I ended up in training.

I recently bought Henshall Centre, a 29-year-old training business serving the professional communications community.


My skills

Learning Design

Public Relations

Brand Consultancy

Creative Direction

Visual Thinking 

Training and workshop delivery


Problem Solving


Content Marketing

Client experience

My list of current and past clients is diverse. I’ve written chicken jokes for Nando’s and technical stuff for Samsung, branded nutrition start-ups and wrangled celebrity ambassadors.

Here’s a list of people I’ve worked with over the last few years.

Presentation and speaking

Liton talks (a lot)

As a public speaker, I give motivational speeches and run seminars that help people change the way they think and work. Here are some of the sessions I run regularly at company events.

Do you want to stop presenting knowledge to your staff and start teaching them practical skills? Liton will help you adopt some of the secrets behind Henshall Centre’s effective learning methodology.

Applying simple principles discovered by neuroscientists has revolutionised learning in the last few years. Most people are surprised by how simple they are and find them easy to adopt. This seminar will teach you the most important ways you could change your training style to help people understand concepts faster and retain them permanently.

Use three simple principles to improve your general communication skills, whether you’re writing a message, presenting to an audience or working on a big report. I use some funny examples to point out some ways we over-complicate communication and suggest easy fixes.

This 1.5-hour workshop involves a series of exercises and games which works well with twelve people or a hundred.

This 1.5-hour workshop involves a series of exercises and games which works well with twelve people or a hundred.

Before you get out there and communicate with the world, you need to work out what you should say about yourself. I’ve adapted some of the tools professional branding consultants use for businesses so we can express our personal brands effectively. 

This is an interactive session where everybody walks away with templates and some initial work on their own profiles.

Stories are one of the most powerful forms of communication. Once you see the frameworks underpinning good stories, you will be able to use these techniques for to improve your presentations, writing and even your social life.

I will teach you storytelling techniques that can turn even the most boring content into compelling messages. The talk can be delivered in 20 minutes, an hour or as an extended two-hour workshop.

People have different perceptions of time, which makes managing it difficult. I start the seminar by proving this to people with a powerful demonstration then explain how personal productivity is about managing priorities and workflow.

Using a few exercises and demonstrations, I can quickly teach people to manage their attention and willpower then use systems to set priorities. This includes ways to automate and delegate work so they can concentrate on what matters.

Learn to be more creative in less than an hour. I help business people access their creative sides by showing them the intuitive four-step process that everybody uses for creative thinking, whether they realise it or not. The session illustrates the psychology behind creativity then shows you how to apply this to your work.

The seminar comes from my bestselling ‘Generating Creative Ideas’ course run at Henshall Centre for the last four years and can be run as a 40-minute presentation or a two-hour workshop.